Contact Center+

Contact Center+

The advanced Contact Center+ solution offered as a cloud service brings many benefits. It combines various service channels - such as social media and chat client - into an easily manageable view.

Contact Center+

Setera's Contact Center+ cloud service is a powerful tool for managing contacts and delivering high-quality customer service, as well as providing transparency for your company's voice services. The ease-of-use and scalability of the service enables the implementation for the limited customer service team, or even for the entire company.

The all-in-one Contact Center+ solution as a cloud service is easy to deploy, use and manage from a single agent view.

Setera's new Contact Center+ solution providers many benefits for Setera's current and new customers. The service based on Mitel technology is very advanced compared with traditional call centers where customer communication has been handled separately by emails and perhaps by text messages too. The new solution brings all channels together, including social media channels and web chat, to be managed in the same view.

Scalable cloud service allows the customer for example to add temporary personnel easily. A cloud-based solution is available anywhere, anytime and with any device.

Customer identification speeds up the service

The CRM integration of the solution enables the customer contact to be identified online and therefore permit immediate response. Skill-based routing allows the call to be directed to the most talented customer service agent at once. As a result, the customer service is more efficient and more likely to deliver the desired outcome.

The comprehensive reporting tools attached to the solution can track the workload and quality of the customer service.

Setera is a full-featured telecom operator offering landline and mobile subscriptions as well as fiber-optic internet connections for its business customers. All the connections, both Contact Center+ service and Setera´s basic cloud service, which is well suited to other business users, are integrated into our operator platform.

Setera's technical experts have more than 20 years of experience in producing communication solutions and the company manages the whole value chain of its operations.