A different kind of an operator

Taking your service experience to the next level

Setera is Finnish, evolving and agile telecom operator and service provider. We provide communications solutions to enhance our customers´ operations. Our services are based on Mitel´s virtual PBX and Contact Center platform.

We believe that companies´ communication solutions can be handled a lot better nowadays. Calls through internet using a cloud service combined with modern applications enable innovative deployment and operating models. This enhances the company´s operations. Our customers are organizations whose customer service and reachability are of great importance for their core business.

We provide high quality and comprehensive telecom operator services for companies and institutional customers as well as other domestic telecom operators.

Questioning: We renew the telecommunications sector.

Price competition for calls and products with limited features in the telecommunications industry have shifted the focus away from good service and business-supporting products. We constantly develop new products and services whose key guiding factor is the feedback we actively collect from the market.

Partnership: We support our customers' success.

We're a partner. We listen and understand needs and desires. A good companion understands how properly selected communication solutions support business. There is always a need for good products and services, without forgetting cost-effectiveness. We support our customers' business with solid know-how and good customer service. The latest technology solutions help customers keep both their own customers and their employees happy.

Ease: Our products are cool to use.

User experience is the foundation of everything. Our customers appreciate easy-to-use products and services. User training ensures smooth deployment and supports self-service management as well.